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operate within our practices. They provide a range of complimentary services and products, to enhance your journey to optimal health and well-being. You do not need to be under chiropractic care to avail of any of these services. Contact your local centre to see what services may be available in your area:

Corporate Health Days

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Working with various providers we can advise on product that supports and compliments your care programmes at our centres. We have selected a compact range of product to highlight on our website. Through your local centre you can arrange demonstrations of sophisticated ergonomic solutions for work and home use by our retained consultants. View further detail on our Products section.

Massage / Reflexology

Our bodies need stimulation in many ways from de-stress relaxing massage to deep tissue muscle re-training and as we spend more and more time on our feet reflexology will not only relax and refresh you it will stimulate inner chemical imbalance and detoxification. Massage therapies stimulate blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system to advance the elimination of toxins.

Nutrition / Naturopathy

In today’s world we face increasing chemical imbalances not just from alcohol and smoking, but fr0m the atmosphere around us, nutrient deficient soils that grow our food stuffs, ever increasing processed foods and chemicals in the personal care products that we use. Back to Health practitioners can recommend many products and supplements or refer your to Naturopaths, Dieticians or Nutritionists in your local area.

Personal Training

No training regime, then go for it and stop because you did too much. Sound familiar? Physical fitness and sticking to a schedule can be made enjoyable and fun. Personal Trainers can exclusively tailor a programme to your personal goals irrespective of age, weight or fitness level. Your tailored training schedule will help you achieve your targets to excel in any activity be it – marathon running, hiking ,swimming, rock climbing, cycling, just toning up or improving cardiovascular function.


Long used by professional athletes and celebrities, pilates will help you with your tone, flexibility, strength, posture, balance and alignment. You will improve your circulation, breathing, rehabilitation, coordination and importantly your stress management.


A Podiatrist is a foot and ankle specialist concerned with aliments of the foot and ankle and how its function can affect the body as a whole.

The aim of Podiatry within the chiropractic clinics is a complimentary one. If your Chiropractor suspects you have a postural abnormality that is aggravating your current condition they may refer you to the Podiatrist for examination and possible correction of that abnormality with custom made orthotics. These are inserts for your shoes made of a soft, semi rigid or rigid material to correct or help re-align your feet and therefore your skeleton. Your feet are you foundation so therefore if your feet do not function correctly then your body may not either. These devices are custom made for your feet and will fit into all of your footwear.

Postural Traction

Muscles hold your skeleton and your body position rightly or wrongly. Muscles holding an abnormal posture required re-training. Our practitioners can prescribe Postural Traction Wedges for home exercise that will assist posture regain.

Sleep Consultancy

Even if you don’t always have the time to get as much rest as you would like, you’ll find that having the right sleep system can make a difference. Because sleep is one of the most significant factors in your physical and mental wellbeing, it’s important to make sleep – and a sleeping environment that enhances – a priority in your home. The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) exclusively endorses the Nikken sleep system. 

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Yoga will help you with your tone, flexibility, strength, posture, balance and alignment. You will improve your circulation, breathing, rehabilitation, coordination and importantly your stress management.

X-ray facility

We do not like to presume and therefore use X-rays, when necessary, to allow full assessment of spinal deviation from text-book normal alignment and to identify any possible deterioration. This assists our diagnosis and appropriate care programme recommendation.

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